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Arthur Gore Fraser died of Scarlet fever at Windsor April 22nd 1855

Elizabeth Fraser wife of B. D. Fraser died on the 25 March 1876 at Windsor – aged 50 years

Elizabeth Grove Fraser died at Windsor on the 9th June 1876 age 16

Hannah Amelia Fraser died at Windsor on the 25 July 1876 age 18

Rena Almon died at Windsor the 5 July 1877 age 10

Rachel Otis Fraser wife of Rev'd C. E.

Churchward died at Mahone Bay April 17 – 1881

Harry King Fraser died at sea May 17th 1880

Benjamin DeWolf Fraser Jr. died in N. S. Wales died Oct 9/83

Alina DeGonville Fraser Payzant died May 12th 1877

Benjamin DeWolf Fraser Sr. M.D. died at Windsor    July 4th 1888


Anna Hill Fraser, Born Sept 22nd 1862

Married Dec 31st 1890 to Rev J. Simonds, Berkley, Cal. died Nov 14th 1921


 Alex Milne Fraser born Nov. 18th 1864

Married Dec 19th /88 to Rose G. Blanchard, daughter of John Blanchard of Kentville NS (Rose died Nov 15th 1901)

Married Nov 9/04 Jessie, sister of Rose (Jessie died Feb 24th 1926)


descendants of Anna Hill Simonds (nee Fraser)

Anna Allison Simonds born Feb16/92, died Nov 23rd 1924


James Simonds born Mar 17/93 married June 18/21 to Helen Josephine White born Mar 19/02

            Issue of Helen & James

            (Shirley Ann born  Apl 11/22

            Helen Allison born July 22/23

            James born Aug 19/25

            Gerald David born July 20/27)


Richard Simonds born Jan 10/95 married Oct 30/20 to Agnes Bruce born Jan 31/01

 Edward Simonds born Apr 14/99 died June 27/05

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Mary Allison Fraser Born May 15th 1851 Married Oct 24th/83 at St. James Church Chicago to Lewis Morris Wilkins formerly of Windsor NS

Her daughter Mary Isabel Wilkins married June 21st 1908 at James Bay Church Victorian BC

to James Oxendale of Leicester Eng.

            Issue of Mary Isabel & James Oxendale

            James Lewis Oxendale born May 25th 1909

            Winifred Allison Oxendale born Aug 9th 1917

            ???rial Isabel Oxendale born Dec 8th 1921

            Benjamin Keith Oxendale born Mar 19th 1927


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To B D Fraser on becoming the Husband of my beloved Daughter Elizabeth on the 20th Sept. 1843.


That the word of God, which is truth, may be a

light unto their feet, and a –--- unto their path

and that they may grow in grace, and in the

knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

is the fervent prayer,

                        of their affectionate Mother

                                    Ann E Allison


Benjamin DeWolf Fraser, M.D. Son of the Honbl James Fraser and Rachel his wife, born 4th of March 1812.  Married at Halifax on the 20 of September 1843 to Elizabeth, Daughter

of the Honbl Joseph Allison and Ann his wife, born January 25th 1826.


A daughter, still born on the 14th July 1844 at Windsor

Joseph Allison Fraser born August 31st 1845 Windsor

            Baptized by Revd John Murdoch December 7th 1845


Benjamin DeWolf Fraser born June 14th 1847 Windsor

            Baptized by Rev'd John Murdoch August 15th 1847


James DeWolf Fraser born November 3rd 1848 at Windsor

            Baptized by Rev'd John Murdoch December 3rd 1848


Married Sept. 19th 1908 to Marguerite Athalie (?) Perier (of Pacific Grove Cal) at BC by Rev.Jas--

Charles Frederick Fraser born January 4th 1850 Windsor

            Baptized  by Rev'd John Murdoch March 31st 1850


Mary Allison Fraser born May 15th 1851 Windsor

            Baptized by Rev'd John Murdoch June 22nd 1851


Arthur Gore Fraser born September 29th 1852 Windsor

            Baptized by Rev'd John Murdoch December 19th 1852

 Rachel Otis Fraser born December 19th 1853 Windsor

Alina DeGonville Fraser born June (?) 1855 Windsor

Baptized by Rev'd John Murdoch July 15 1855


 Hannah Amelia Fraser born December 10th 1857

            Baptised by Rev'd Mr Murdoch Feb. 7th 1858

 Elizabeth Grove Fraser born June 27 1859

            Baptized by Rev'd Mr. Murdoch Sept 11 1859

 Harry King Fraser born February 12 1861

            Baptized by Rev'd Mr. Murdoch June 21 1861

 Anna Hill Fraser born September 22nd 1862

            Baptized by Rev'd James J. Hill Rector of 

 Alexander Milne Fraser born November 18th 1864

            Baptized by Rev'd Mr Annan at Windsor

 Rena Almon Fraser born Sept. 22nd 1866

            Baptized by the Rev'd Thomas Maynard


Alina DeGonville Fraser was married at Windsor on June 7 1874 to Mr.

Charles W. Payzant

 Benjamin DeWolf Fraser married to Harriett Cottle 1877

 Rachel Otis Fraser married to Rev'd Charles E. Churchward

            Feb 19th 1879

 James D. Fraser married to Maud Reade

            June 21st 1883

 Mary Allison Fraser married to Lewis M. Wilkins

            October 24th 1883

 Alexander Milne Fraser married to Rose G. Blanchard

            December 19th 1888

 Ann Hill Fraser married to Rev'd James Simonds

            December 31st 1890

 Charles Frederick Fraser married to Anna Hunter

            September 28th 1891 (First wife)


Front end-page 4

NOTE: The obituary of Mrs. B.D. Fraser is pasted on the left side of the page.  The following hand written vital statistics are written on the right side.


Frederick Allison son of

Benj. D. Fraser Jr. born in Australia

March 25th 1879


Benjamin DeWolf son of

B.D. Fraser Jr. born in Australia

Sept. 22nd 1880


Han?? R. daughter of James

????? born Aug 14 – 1884


Isabel daughter of Mary

M. Wilkins born


Cecil Edward son of Lily (Rachel)

& Rev. C. E. Churchward born

May 5th 1880


Anna Allison daughter

of Revd James Simonds born

Feb. 16th 1892


James Simonds son of Rev'd James Simonds born

Mar. 17th 1893


Richard Simonds son of

Rev'd James Simonds born

Jan. 10th 1895


Charles Frederick Fraser Married to

Jane Catherine Roxby Stevens June 15th 1910

Charles Frederick Fraser Jr. born

March 17th 1911

(Sir) Charles Frederick Fraser died

July 5th 1925.


Loose scraps of paper placed inside bible.


25th Oct/83

Grandma's death

Ben's Death

Mary's marriage

Alina's death

Date of Harry's death


Mary married in

Chicago on 24 Oct/83

to Lewis M. Wilkins

- - - - - - - - -

Ben died at Inverell (?)

New South Wales

on 9th Oct/83


Alina died May 12/77

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