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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society


Accession number: 2021.2.16
Date: October 12 1954
Materials: Paper; ink
Measurements: 17.8cm L x 14cm W
Description: A small, yellow colored, square shaped piece of paper. A penny sized brown stain near the top middle of the page. Approximately three centimeters in from either side of the page, underneath the stain, are two holes punched. To the left of the two holes punched, near the top left corner of the page, is the logo of the business. The logo is two emblems on either side of a post with the word Chrysler going through the foreground horizontally. To the right of the logo are four lines going downward. The four lines consist of, the business' name, slogan, phone number/post office box number and the town, Wolfville, N. S.. Underneath the four lines are two thin black lines where the store clerk can write the date of the transaction and the name of the patron. Underneath those two thin black lines is a chart where the clerk writes the details of the transaction. There are four lines of writing in blue pen ink at the top of chart. Underneath the four lines of writing is a note from the clerk indicating that the items have been paid for. Underneath the chart, at the bottom of the page is a space for the clerk to write extra information and a red invoice number.