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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society


Accession number: 2021.2.4
Date: August 18 1959
Materials: paper; ink
Measurements: 17.5cm L x 20.2cm W
Scope & Content: Receipt from expenses accrued for funeral furnishing for the funeral of the late Mr. Lionel Guy Pearman.
Description: From top to bottom; a square piece of white paper, there are three lines in small print in the top left corner that say, Berwick, Kentville and Wolfville   Telephone 2151   At Each Office. Across the page in the top right corner are three lines that say, Head Office   At   Kentville, N.S. Centered on the page underneath those lines it says, H. C. Lindsay's Funeral Homes. In smaller print underneath it says, Funeral and Ambulance Services   Flowers and Monuments. The next four lines underneath are underlined, prompting the store clerk to write the account name, patron name, address of patron's home and store address and date. They say, M  Estate of Lionel Guy Pearman, c/o Mrs. Lionel G. Pearman, 5 Kings St., Wolfville, N. S., Terms-Cash Kentville, N. S. August 18, 1959 38310. Underneath the fourth line is a black double line separating the top third of the paper from the bottom two thirds. Underneath that black double line is the date the payment was set, a description of services provided and the payment subtotal and total. Underneath to the left hand side, written in pen, it says Sept 8/59 By cheque. Centered, underneath that it says, Paid in full September 8, 1959, then the name of clerk.