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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society


Accession number: 2021.2.8
Date: December 31 1959
Materials: Paper; ink
Measurements: 14cm L x 22.3cm W
Scope & Content: A receipt from the Wolfville Holland Bakery Limited. for goods purchased and paid for.
Description: A large rectangular piece of paper with a blue line with white writing protruding near the top of the left hand corner, spanning nearly 2/3 horizontally across the page. The white writing within the blue line says, "For the best made...insist on Dutch maid". Underneath the blue line, near the top left corner of the page, is an image of what might be the company's logo. The image is a blue background resembling the shape of a cloud and in the foreground, a young Dutch woman farmer with a basket slung through her arm, entirely shaded in red. To the right of the image is the name of the company, in red ink, "Wolfville Holland Bakery Limited". Underneath that are three blue lines. Underneath the three blue lines are three words in red going from left to right: "Bread, Rolls, Cake". Underneath those three words is the bolded and underlined word 'Statement". Underneath and to the left of that in very small writing is, "Wolfville, N. S.". On the other side of the page to the right is a dotted line with the date, "Dec 31/59" written in blue pen. Underneath the image on the left hand side of the page is the word "Name:", prompting the clerk to write the name of the patron. To the right of the word 'name' it says in blue pen ink, cursive writing, "Anglican Church Men's Club". Underneath that in the bottom left corner of the page is the word, "Route:", prompting the clerk to write the route number. Beside the word 'route' it says, "#1" in blue pen ink and to the right of that in pencil it says, "Thank you. Paid Jan 22/60", and it includes the signature of the clerk. To the right of the clerk's signature, in the lower right quadrant of the page is a chart of expenses and dotted lines to write the dollar amount of those expenses. The total amount due was $2.24.