Amherst Steam Tannery

Amherst, Cumberland, NS, Canada
Business Category: Tanning
Products: tanned leather products, shoes
Dates Founded: circa 1860
Remarks: The Steam Tanning Company was organized in the late 1860's and was managed by Mr. C.R. Casey. On May 15, 1875, it amalgamated with the Amherst Boot and Shoe Company and Pride and Quiqley Compnay as the Amherst Boot, Shoe and Tanning Company. Officers for the first year were J.T. Smith, president, M.D. Pride, manager of the Boot and Shoe department and Mr. C.R. Casey, manager of the tanning branch. In 1878 the tanning branch of the company together with the tanning site and what machinery was left from an1877 fire was sold to Mr. C.R. Casey. By 1882 C.R. Casey and Son were carrying on an extensive steam tanning business which employed 13 men. They manufactured all kinds of leather and oil tanned leather.
Remarks Source: 1. The Chiqnecto Post, Sackville, New Brunswick, Sept. 21, 1882. 2. McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory. 1890-7.